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As a major part of Ingram & Brauns’ commitment to fully supporting your child’s musical experience, we offer an attractive rental program that enables you to provide your child with a CLEAN, QUALITY instrument at an affordable rate. We offer both used and new instruments to rent, which have been professionally adjusted and play-tested.

You may rent the instrument for any length of time after the initial rental period of two months on used rentals. Each rental payment is applied to the retail price of the instrument. You will receive a 30% discount off the remaining balance at the time of purchase. Rental credit may be applied to the purchase of another instrument of equal or greater value. For string instruments, all of your rent is applicable towards a larger instrument of the same type.


To avoid any late fees, your account must be current. For your convenience and to avoid late fees, we offer an auto-charge program in which we automatically deduct your rental payment the same day as your rental start date, each month. If you wish to discontinue the rental, just return the instrument to any of our locations provided that your account is current.


In addition, we also provide an optional service contract, which covers accidental damage or loss due to theft or fire (a police report will be required).

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