Pleasanton Instructors

All instructors are independent.  Contact instructors directly for pricing and policy information.

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Don’t wait until you have time to practice, make time; and don’t wait until you’re in the mood to practice, make yourself do it. Discipline!
— Joe Bonfiglio

Joe Bonfiglio - clarinet

Toni Chimienti - flute

Matt Gafney - saxophone/clarinet/flute

Phil Halseth - saxophone/clarinet/flute

Elizabeth Henderson - oboe

John Ingram - clarinet/saxophone/oboe

Paul Perazzo - oboe/saxophone/clarinet

Cyndy Salmon - clarinet

Elvis ordiniza - clarinet



Tom Hornig - trombone/low brass

Paul Neuffer - French horn

Dustin Smurthwaite

Mario Silva - trumpet


Play with purpose. Always have something to say with your instrument whether it’s an idea, story or emotion.
— Susan Ingram

Phyllis Chang - violin

Lawrence Huang - violin/viola

Marvin Ibe - cello/bass

Susan Ingram - violin/viola/cello

Andy Ly - cello



Carol Ann Co - beginners

Spencer Chan

Takako Freeman

Debra Knox

Gail Lew - intermediate/advanced

Rayshan Su

Jamie Piazza



chris Akin - guitar/bass

Marvin Ibe - guitar/bass

Debra Knox - guitar

Brandon Loose - bass

Sarky Mekmorakoth - guitar

Scott Moore - guitar/ukulele

Dustin Smurthwaite - guitar/bass

glenn staller - guitar/ukulele



Lance Dresser - mondays

Rob Hart - Wednesdays/thursdays

Louis Ruocco - Fridays/saturdays



Debra Knox

Jamie Piazza